The following is a selection of unsolicited letters and emails received after constellation workshops since 2005. The identities of senders have been protected to ensure confidentiality. If you would like to share your own healing story, please send your testimonial to

Dear Gaye – There aren’t words to convey how incredible you are! Yesterday was magical, epic & so so powerful. Thank you with all my heart. 🙏💓

Morning Gaye, I wanted to say thank you… for the whole experience and for the opportunity to gain personal insights. I would also like to add I’ve been around many forms of healing for so many years and seldom seen someone conduct themselves in such a genuine, empathic, humble and considered way. It was a joy to see you work… and maybe why I was smiling so much on a very emotional moving day – something I have only encountered a few times over many years of healing. Thank you.

Thank you for the extraordinary experience of your workshop. I’m still deeply in touch with the peace and permission that came, and a sense of mysterious possibility is quietly making itself known. XXX reminded me yesterday that I said to her how wonderful it was to hear you speak despite not understanding most of what you said! What a pleasure to come away from the conscious mind sometimes and immerse in the broader field. It was a pleasure and inspiration to meet you.

So nice to have seen you and be part of another amazing day of dissolving blocks and uncovering human potential and connection. I am always surprised and inspired by this work and your skill in helping us all free ourselves from family issues both past and present. Thanks again for the brilliant day.

Thank you so much for Friday – I had a fabulous day and had no idea why I was there but feel so much better as a result of being present in the room. I definitely feel that I have had an energy shift which is a welcome gift – I have been feeling stuck and feel open and free for action since. With love and fondest wishes
PS You were utterly and completely fantastic on Friday and as always so so lovely to spend the day with you.

I just wanted to say how much I appreciated the workshop yesterday and the wonderful array of stories that were shared and that you facilitated magnificently. I so admired your presence, your quietness and your eloquence. For me, I found affirmation and more questions which feels like a wonderful and very rewarding outcome. Having this morning read, for the first time, David Whyte’s ‘The Well of Grief’, I would add my thanks for this introduction and to offer one of my poems as a ‘thank you’ for your efforts throughout yesterday.

Thank you so much for a wonderful day of constellations. I so enjoyed it!
I was being collected so I rushed off quickly at the end of the day and felt I wanted to drop you a line to tell you how I feel.
I will definitely be back for more! It is truly enriching being around the work.

Thanks for a sweet, deep memorable day, sooo beautifully held by you and such a lovely group.

I know I said my thanks on Wednesday, but having had some time over the weekend to reflect on the work we did, I am more fully appreciating the enormity of what you held for me and for us all and have been feeling a need to connect and acknowledge you more deeply for offering yourself with such grace and commitment in service of our personal work and healing. I feel the work we did on Wednesday was massively important on so many levels. Whilst it moved me to a place of deeply knowing that all is as it should be just now as part of a bigger picture that I may never understand in this lifetime, it feels healthy to now hold a vibration of gratitude rather than judgement for my brother’s life choices .. my hope is that this will harmonise the balance of energy between us and give him more freedom in whatever he is working through. Every time we gather I witness your ability to be so completely present in meeting each one of us fully with whatever we bring, and it reminds me always of the beautiful practice of silently sitting with someone and internally expressing the words “I meet the Divine within you”. The beautiful and loving space you hold for us is truly born of the Divine in you, and for that space and for connecting with you in this lifetime I am eternally grateful.
No reply needed .. I simply needed to connect and say thank you once again dear Gaye.

I’d like to say a huge thank you to you for your work, it brought invaluable clearance and guidance to my life.

Just wanted to thank you for such a profound and universal experience between us all on friday. Such an amazing day, emotionally, physically, and mentally. It’s so hard to put into words or clarify what we all experienced but you are a wonderful lady with exceptional heart and talent. You have a very nurturing and loving aspect to how you presented yourself and it was felt through out the workshop. I have never experienced anything like this before. So magical, am hoping to take part in another. It’s lovely to be able to help others, we are all connected and we all seek out the same things, the validation that we are all loved and to experience love in this lifetime and the next.

Thank you so very much for the incredible work today. I bow to you in gratitude for the access to, and awareness of connections that I couldn’t/wouldn’t allow myself to feel before. If you have a book, I want it, and if you don’t you should definitely write it!!

I’d just like to thank you for your enormously skillful facilitation of all of our issues on Friday. I found the whole thing fascinating and very moving and it also made me think a lot about my family and its roots going back in time which I don’t think I have ever given much thought to.  I know it doesn’t solve the issue itself, but I can see it giggles you around emotionally which must do something in the long term.  I shall definitely want to do another session and thanks for everything.

Thank you for such a deeply moving and enlightening day.  It felt an honour and a blessing to represent in so many constellations.  The magnetic pull to be present on that day was profound, and equally so was all that was revealed in the moment and which continues to unfold.  After spending so many years dreaming about skipping off home, the desire to live, to share, to serve, to be all I can be whilst inhabiting this body has taken over.  ‘Lone wolf’ is feeling hope and even anticipation at returning to the tribe! Thank you for your being Gaye.  I love Constallations. I love the deep honesty and raw beauty of this work.  How amazing it is to share such intimate moments with people who are so willing to strip away layers which block the free flow of love…. people one often only meets once in a life time.  I find this really moving. Thank you for making it happen.  You are an inspiration. I am sure I will be back 🙂

I have been meaning to write to you and say thank you for the constellation experience. I was struck by the calm strength of your energy and the depth of compassion you were holding for everyone in each system. It was quite wonderful to witness.

Hi Gaye, Thank you so very much for coming to London to run the Song of Dina workshop yesterday. It was, as ever, a joy to work with you – such inspiring and hugely enlightening, revelatory work. In one day we have made huge progress with the project and your skill, talent and contribution are SO appreciated, such a boon.

Just wanted to say thank you so much for a fantastic day yesterday. The constellation concept has been a revelation to me and, yes I am now a convert! Your warmth and gentle and subtle  insight into everything that was going on in the room (and in our heads) was astonishing and was, I think, the reason why the day was so revelatory and emotionally satisfying. So thank you again.

Thanks again for yesterday. Powerful would be an understatement. I’m sure I will be processing it for months.

Thank you for facilitating the beautiful work we did on Saturday – it was a very moving and powerful experience for me!

I trust this email finds you well. I have in my mind the willingness to write you a ‘thank you’ email for your help and knowledge during the workshop in London on the xxxx. It was deeply healing. the following day I felt something had shifted and I am extremely grateful to you for enabling this. Wishing you a Happy New Year if it is not too late 🙂

I would just like to say on behalf of both xxx and myself, thank you for facilitating our participation in such an incredible workshop.

I want to say a really big thank you for starting the day with my issue.  I feel as though something very far upstream has been unblocked which is slowly trickling down and through me.  I’m pretty sure that something huge has shifted although I suspect it will take a while to understand exactly how it will affect things.  Mostly I feel as though I have put down an incredibly heavy load – I spent most of the weekend sleeping or semi-comatose, which I think was my body’s reaction to what happened.

Dear Gaye. What a constellation that was,  and still is impacting me profoundly!  Thank you for your ability to stretch and hold such depth….. By the way I love your 7 generation tree…a reminder that we are part of nature’s many patterns and systems.

I hope this finds you well…. I  want to thank you for facilitating the most amazing day, the workshop was a truly wonderful experience. An experience that has no words!

Dear Gaye,  here are some observations from the constellations I have attended: I have been studying Qigong for over 20 years and there is always a Qi (energy) field created in the room which is supportive and healing. With your constellations i always sense a supportive energy field where past blocks with our families and ancestors can be dissolved in often very surprising ways. You guide us through the journey in this energy field in a most skillful, caring and non-judgmental way. Magical transformations happen and i am most grateful for having reconnected with both my parents and ancestors and am privileged to  have been a representative for other people’s constellations. I love this work and you are an amazing guide and facilitator.

I’m so sorry I had to dash off at the end. I had to collect my dog from my daughters before she went out. I want to thank you for the impeccable way you do your work. It was quit extraordinary. I am still digesting all that happened. Warmest wishes and thanks

I am writing to thank you for the splendid workshop on Friday.  I was very moved by the experience.  You have a beautiful voice and were able to get to the nuts and bolts of a situation very quickly.  I was particularly moved whenever you said: “Tell him/her….”  I am grateful for your efforts on behalf of myself and the others.

Just a quick note to say thank you for a truly inspiring day on Saturday. Being my first time and not really knowing what to expect and how this all works, I was more than impressed. Having reflected more on all the various constellation last night, I have found a lot of information within myself which surfaced. Thank you.

So….all these women….losses and sadness and self-reliance [in the family].  I will have to let all this sit. Thank you for your role in clarifying this confusing line.  My trust in the constellation is intact, now I need to find the courage to release this heavy heritage.  More than anything, thank you for your gentle way.  You gave me the space to share information which doesn’t resonate much with those around me and you were able to make some sense of its pertinence to my life today.  You will always be part of my puzzle which is beginning to look like something after all.

Thanks again for Saturday. I am enjoying a few days of calmer life – at least by my standards. A lot of moving through me, mainly my head, but somewhere else as well.

[After a constellation…] I’m also finding I am feeling extremely strong renewed love for xxxxx in a way only a living person could. I wonder if many people report after a constellation feeling like Scrooge discovering that it’s still Christmas. So I wanted to say massive thanks. What a miraculous process. The way you carry it out is really awesome and inspiring to witness. I might like to attend a few more in the future.

I just wanted to say thank you for Friday.  It is so humbling but also uplifting to be able to participate in the healing processes that can take place for everyone involved in a constellation.  I really felt that people were able to take away with them some incredibly valuable new insights into their lives and I just wish them well on their healing journies.  You have an amazing skill, thank you for sharing it.

…. During the weekend, there was an incredible feeling we were all supported in an energy field of love and compassion for ourselves and our own family members. You have the skill to gently facilitate issues being brought to the surface and resolved in a magical way, often dissolving and resolving issues going back generations and therefore helping to avoid issues repeating themselves. I am truly grateful for this work and your integrity, honesty and genuine caring for all in the group. Even when working on other people’s constellations, i felt i was working on my own–this was surprising and great too…

I wanted to say thank you very much for a special experience today. I am not exactly sure what went on, but I know it was profound and moved me immensely. I look forward to seeing how the coming chapter unfolds and will keep you posted.  Warmest wishes and much gratitude

I have been meaning to contact you regarding the training that I attended recently, it was quite profound and I definitely would like to do more work with you. It was great meeting you and I am excited about this way of working and look forward to participating again.

The day that we did together has left me feeling much more spacious inside, and fits with my long journey of ancestral healing work that i have been involved with over the years, only coming from a very present and down to earth stand point that I feel is a missing aspect of prior work. Many Thanks Gaye I do look forward to future journeys with you.

Just to say again how wonderful the day was and to thank you again. You have  real gift to tune into people (I am totally in awe!) and a really lovely energy. I feel so lucky to have been pointed in your direction, to have met you.

I want to thank you again for a truly amazing workshop. Your guidance and interventions were intuitive and inspirational.

Thanks for another amazing day last friday…a great group that bonded so quickly and it really felt as if i was working on my own family with several of the other constellations. (which i know is often how it works). Some great dissolving and breaking through for many of us i know. You are a wizard and navigate the waters of these family seas and storms so well…

I wanted time to settle before writing to say thank you for an enriching week, and to give feedback. I hadn’t truly forgiven my mother after Hoffman and the chaotic constellation has helped me let go. Feeling that I could never straighten and clear all those pathways, I feel able to look forward not back. Lovely! Amazing work you do and I admire your non-egotistical style. You listen, guide and channel with such skill and genuine kindness. I will join you for another workshop and hope to see some of the others there too.

I have to thank you SO much for the constellation you did with me last year. I couldn’t imagine how it was going to shift anything with my sister, but at least I had gained a new and fresh perspective on the problem. But at Christmas the miracle happened! After 15 years of alienation, my sister and her husband came to visit us! There was no explanation of past behavior- but somehow for me that wasn’t necessary, because I felt I knew. She behaved as though nothing had ever happened between us and the past 15 years had never happened. It was WONDERFUL to have my sister back! We now have invitations to their house – to take our mother over to visit, and for her 60th birthday this year. I still can’t quite believe it! Thank you, Gaye. You have facilitated a miracle.

I just wanted to write to thank you for the workshop I attended. The day proved to be a truly memorable and positive experience for me and I am sure that it will stay with me for many years to come. You have such wonderful presence and are very gifted in your chosen field.

A big thank you to you for the fantastic workshop at the weekend. I was really impressed by the calm assured way you ran the workshop, and so grateful for all your help, thank you.

I just wanted to thank you for a really stunning, fascinating day. Such an eye-opener. It was hard work, very interesting, and also gave us the bonus of help in dealing with one of our family issues. Really, quite transformational and hugely beneficial, as well as fascinatingly interesting. I can’t begin to try to explain or understand exactly what is going on, but it is obviously powerful stuff. We will be giving some leaflets out to our friends.

It was such a pleasure to see you in action. I very much want constellation work to be available locally in the West Country in a way that makes it accessible, so that I can refer friends to the work. I wrote a number of detailed comments after the workshop about what I’d liked and appreciated but overall I can only say that as well as being really professional and true to the constellations values, you also create a lovely warm atmosphere for participants. I also really liked the way you ‘cut to the chase’ and don’t get sidetracked from the work and the issues that participants bring. I would be very happy to be contacted should others wish to speak to me about your work.

Having now done two workshops with you, I can honestly say that they have both been very rewarding experiences. I came initially as a skeptic but very quickly experienced profound emotional shifts in my life. I have done many workshops and therapy groups over the years but this approach seriously enlightened me to the possibility of other forces at work. The way you worked enabled me to feel very safe and take personal risks that are paying off. Thank you very much, I’ll be seeing you again.

I’m sure you are used to receiving compliments at the end of these sessions, but I wanted you to know how much I appreciated your calm shepherding of the group over the last two days. Empathetic, considerate, positive, leading, supportive, supreme competence, are probably words you often hear. Thanks so much Gaye. Truly transformational.

I wanted to thank you for the workshop that I came to in Bristol, as I was hugely affected by the experience. Not only is the work intriguing and inspirational, it also facilitated some profound changes in both my perspective and my family dynamic, the benefits of which I have felt ever since. I am enormously grateful to you and have recommended your workshops to several people.

I attended your constellation workshop a few months ago and we worked with the issue of the confused identity of my son and his great grandfather. Just thought I’d drop you a line to say that after many, many stagnant years something has at last shifted for him! At last I have my boy back. I’ve had the most stunning conversations with him and he thanked me for being his Mother and apologised for being “such a terrible son”. I haven’t felt connected like this with him since he stopped breastfeeding. I feel ecstatic and although we still have blips and bad days I know that something fundamental has changed. Thank you so much for your part in this. I hope we will meet again in the future.

I have been so remiss in writing to say how very much I enjoyed the constellations workshop at Nine Springs – I was impressed by your consummate professionalism and sensitive handling of the day.

You do fantastic work Gaye and you make it feel a very safe and secure environment in which to do the work…..thank you. I’m really looking forward to doing more with you over time. I’ve also been spreading the work so you might find a few more Irish recruits in your workshops over the coming year! On a separate note, the feeling that’s with me most since the constellation is the one I felt when I was standing “in line” for XXX’s constellation. I was at the front of the very long family line and felt an incredible sense of strength, support and lineage behind me…. I keep tapping into that feeling of strength and support and I’m amazed how good it’s helping me feel (especially considering it was the shortest and least dramatic of the representational roles I did!)

Just a quick note to say thank you very much for a week end I find hard to find words to describe. I am now single and embarking on a new phase in my life with more self confidence, more empathy and understanding of other people’s emotions and I like my own company. I must thank you and Dawn for helping me in all of these regards.

I just wanted to express my gratitude for such an amazing and powerful day on Saturday. I am still benefiting from the peace I found in being shown a new perspective. Inspirational.

I wanted to thank you for the constellation workshop in London on Friday. It felt very powerful, and I thought you held the energy of the whole group very well, it felt very safe to work in that space!

Many thanks for such a skillfully managed and insightful day. I am amazed at how spot on my constellation was for me. Besides also having resonated with others stories while just watching, I am fascinated by what it means to take part as a representative and would like to learn more. Hope to do this again!

Thank you so much for the Constellation workshop. It was a privilege to watch other peoples constellations unfold and to be a part of their stories, both as a participant and as an energised onlooker. I was so glad to do my own constellation and I was truly amazed and blessed by what unfolded and by the sincerity and authenticity of all the people involved. I feel it has really helped me and that I can now do some more work on myself in the coming weeks.I will definitely be recommending your workshop to other people. It was a real pleasure working with you, thank you : )

I wanted to thank you for such an effective, intense, and somewhat mysterious experience last week. I still marvel at the insight gained not only during my constellation work but also everyone else’s…. I now know that my light bulb moment could not have happened without the intensive look at my family line and I would like to thank you both from the bottom of my heart for helping me understand what I was not seeing. The Constellation workshop is both simple and complex, deeply moving and real. I am grateful for the intimacy and safety I felt with such wonderful women who were at first strangers and humbled by the experience of participating in their constellation work.

“Thank You” seems completely and utterly inadequate after Fridays constellations workshop. I am awed. I am grateful. And I am intrigued…

I really think my personal constellation has been and will be brilliant for me. I was trying to pin my grief on everything other than what happened in the previous generation and yet of course it is where it belonged. Its like Ive been looking at life through a narrow lens because if I allowed myself the wide angle lens it allowed the grief in. The space in front of me now feels much clearer and brighter. So thank you.

Just wanted to say thank you for facilitating such an enlightening day yesterday. I came away with plenty to think about. Though watching and participating in other peoples constellations I was able to become aware of some of my own family patterns hitherto hidden from consciousness. I hope you will organise another day at Cowdray. I would be interested in working with you again.

I wanted to write and thank you for the Constellations workshop you held last Saturday. You created a safe space for us to work and I feel I learned so much, not only from my constellation, but also from witnessing and being a representative for other peoples constellations. I think it is rare to meet someone with such a finely tuned bullshit detector who uses it with such clarity and kindness in order to get to the real heart of the matter. I feel a lot less lop-sided and hopeful that I may be starting to let go of the need to carry others baggage.

Many thanks for the powerful workshop on Saturday…flashlights have been popping all week and windows of understanding opening…also on Sunday my daughter phoned saying she had been called back to the UK at very short notice for a work interview which would mean an early return so things are already starting to shift! Again, many thanks

I am almost afraid to say it but my daughter has been amazing in the last week. She has started cuddling me and telling me how much she loves me. She is still a little bit apprehensive if I initiate the cuddle and kiss but we have had the kind of peace in our house which has been absent for about 2 years. She is much happier, plays nicely with her brother and has been almost transformed. I really don’t know what to make of it and I don’t want to get too excited but it’s as if an alien has taken over her body and she is a completely different child! I honestly don’t know how to thank you and this amazing process as well as all the lovely people who have made it possible. I am a scientist and for the life of me I can’t understand or figure out what is going on. For the moment I am just enjoying having my beautiful little girl back. I will keep you posted and fingers crossed the change is for the long term.

I just wanted to touch base with you and write briefly of the deep gratitude i feel toward you and your work… having worked my own constellation this time i felt determined to share the effects…..i felt the next day like i was in the swell of a big wave that had washed over me…..only a few times in my life i have done deep work like this and i could tell this was such work by the tingle in my spine and Being, my awareness tweaked and i was looking thru new eyes……”I choose Life” was very profound and i do seem to have so much more energy with which to live….and having spoken to my dad, i feel like a huge weight has shifted and i no longer try to impress him, seek approval, or try to hold him and his stuff. I feel free…..

I just wanted to send huge gratitude to you from myself and xxx for the constellation day we attended in February. It was a really special day for us and the work touched us deeply, more even than we knew on the day. We are very thankful to you for holding the space so safely, we really appreciated our day.

I came to your constellation workshop this summer, and I just wanted to write to you to say what an incredibly moving and life altering experience it was. I am sure people say it all the time, but I wanted to thank you in any case, and say how much I appreciate the very powerful but demanding work that you do. I had the privilege of being able to do a personal piece of work and relationship dynamics with my mother that I thought were almost impossible to change have miraculously shifted. Everything just feels lighter. I am amazed at how the flow of love can become frustrated even though nobody wants it that way and how simply it can be restored. I feel very affected by the whole experience. So thank you again for enabling us all to do this work as gracefully as artfully as you do and I do hope I will be able to come back to another workshop sometime soon.