Gaye Donaldson is a facilitator, trainer, coach and consultant. During the past 10 years, her work has been devoted to developing the field of systemic constellations. This is a highly effective, integrated approach that brings insight and resolution to a wide range of visible and invisible issues in our personal, professional or creative lives.

Gaye has been a follower of Systemic Constellation Work (SCW) since 1994, training extensively in both family and organisational work in the UK and abroad. She worked directly with Bert Hellinger in the 1990s and has trained with Hunter Beaumont, and many other internationally-renowned first generation practitioners.

Gaye ran her first workshops in 2005, and during the past decade, her practice has widened to include many new and innovative applications of the approach. This includes working to support others in their creative process, including systemic consultancy and input at all stages of production in film and theatre work. She has also returned to her love of the natural world and offers space that ‘gives voice’ to the land and animals around us, which supports understanding of our place in the interconnected matrix of life.

Gaye is the Managing Director and a teaching faculty member, of the Centre for Systemic Constellations. Established in 2001, CSC is the leading UK training institute for this work. Gaye teaches on both the Foundation and Applied Training courses and works overseas to help establish quality systemic constellation training where it is needed or requested.

Having trained as an integrative humanistic counsellor, registered with the British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP), Gaye worked in both the community and the private sector for ten years.

Gaye is a student of the Diamond Heart Approach with the Ridhwan School and has also trained in the use of the Enneagram. She has often worked alongside Dawn Eagle Woman, a highly regarded shamanic practitioner and healer from the USA.

Although based in the South West of England, Gaye travels nationally and internationally facilitating workshops and teaching. She has recently been working in Lebanon with Healing the Wounds of History – addressing the roots of violence. bringing new approaches to conflict resolution in the Middle East.

Her early career was spent in the organic food and farming sector. Gaye was Director of Public Affairs for the Soil Association, leaving the organisation in 1993 to set up and run a successful and multi award-winning organic import/export business in Somerset. She also ran a mixed organic farm with a traditional beef suckler herd, pigs, sheep, horses and a fluctuating number of Indian Runner ducks.  In 2003 Gaye was awarded the prestigious Heart in Business Award in recognition of her work in organic sector development and her personal contribution to the setting up of the first international standards for organic health and body care products.

Gaye is mother to 5 grown-up children and an extremely delighted grandmother too.

“Along with the everyday stuff of life, during the past three and a bit decades, I have been passionately involved with natural childbirth and child rearing, homoeopathy and alternative health, integrated organic agriculture and food systems… and then constellation work – these are the things that have caught me, like scents on the wind, they are the interests that I have not been able to ignore.

For years, I thought of these interests as random pebbles in a bag, until one day I saw the thread that ran between them. I have been driven throughout by an inner search for meaning through the complexity of connection and interconnection. First with the ‘system’ of the body, then the land or eco-system, and now humankind and our relationship to everything.

As an adopted baby I had to learn about belonging, I had to work at finding my own place in the matrix of life. This led to a fascination with the over-arching principles, or natural orders, that support health and creativity in everything. I have been on a life-long journey focused on discovering the inclusive place in which we are all able to thrive – the place where harmony and balance are restored; the space where sometimes rather spectacular insights and wisdom arise and then support movement… so that a new octave can begin.  This is where I come from.”