“Thank you so much for yet another amazing evening. I feel so blessed to be in such a wonderful group. We were able to open up and heal such a variety of family problems, completely safe in the loving, safe and nurturing space you provide. Each time we meet I am amazed at this incredible work and the insight it gives me. I would like to say thank you to all the group for your love and support. You are all ‘simply the best’ and I look forward to the next time!”

Gaye usually runs three on-going groups per year. One is based near her home in Bruton, Somerset, a second in the Taunton area, and another in Bristol. Joining an on-going group can be a wonderful way to support your everyday life and make new friends.

The groups meet quarterly for 4 full days each year.

Each group is ‘closed’ from the first meeting, This means that the group includes all four sessions scheduled, enabling participants to get to know each other and follow the changes that occur after constellation work is done. In this way the group becomes a community of support for all. Participants use the confidential space to explore the seen and unseen dynamics in family, friendships, communities, or working life. All issues are welcome.

Although often deeply moving, these groups are also a time to enjoy shared lunches,  sit with tea and cake and laughter, finding joy in the recognition of shared experience. These groups are much loved, and participants tend to want to return year after year, so spaces can be limited. Please contact Gaye and ask to be put on the waiting list if you would like to join in.

Details of the next available groups are:


Bruton is a small town in Somerset near Wincanton, Shepton Mallet and Glastonbury. A new on-going group will be formed in 2022 either in Bruton or near by. The group will meet quarterly for a full day.  If you would like to be added to the waiting list to join do get in touch. When all the details are confirmed they will be included in a newsletter mailing.  There are usually only 3 or 4 places available each year as participants tend to stay in the group.



This group is not running at present, but may be re-established later in the year. Do email me directly to join the waiting list. There is no on-line or automated  booking service for any of the on-going groups.



A new Taunton Group is currently being set up. This group meets quarterly between Taunton and Wellington in Somerset. There is currently a waiting list for cancellations to join this group. Do let me know if you would like to be added to that list.

The popularity of these groups is such that there is often a waiting list. If you would like to be added to the list for next year, or would like more information, do please get in touch.