The constellation methodology brings a surprisingly bright illumination to the light and the shadow of any question and this make it a fantastically exciting tool in any creative process. The hidden is revealed, the unexpected emerges, seen and unseen dynamics and influences appear, characters are deepened and understood, and hunches and questions can be tested…

The constellation approach is a beautifully placed and highly inventive technique that can be used to great effect at all stages of the creative process. This can include script writing, character development, plot development, or during rehearsal… it is even possible to use the method to explore fundraising possibilities or to help position a piece of creative work.

Constellations can be used to support actors both in and out of role, to delve into and explore any blocks that might emerge, or to simply to find and hold the space that encourages the inter-connection and synergistic relationships of all those involved in the production.

During the past few years Gaye has been working alongside writers, directors and actors in both film and theatre, to facilitate commissioned days and events that work with either specific or emergent issues, and with each commission the possible application and use of the constellation approach in this field seem to widen, offering new opportunities, insights and resultant excitement.

Do please get in touch here if you would like to discuss the use of this work in any creative project or production.

If you would like to be added to the list of those who are invited to come along as a free resource or representative at a creative exploration day then do please email me.


Testimonials and Comments:

This work [constellations] adds such a new and novel dimension to creative based practices and I cannot imagine anyone better suited to lead it there.

I found this workshop a fascinating foray into a world that combined improvisation and role play with a very deep level of therapeutic exploration. I thought this allowed for a far more intensive probing and exploration of character than would be got to simply using more conventional methods of acting and directing. That there was a diverse group of people (actors, writers, therapists) involved in this workshop, took it into a dimension that I felt was unique.

So excitedly and with some trepidation I now ready myself [after the constellation group session] for a reinvigorated screenplay. I thoroughly recommend the process and cannot thank you enough for leading it with such incredible insight and nuance… as always it is a sheer joy to watch you work.

The use of constellations is incredibly freeing for creatives – because it is not about making something or interpreting – it is allowing oneself to be used for the writers purpose and for the line of enquiry the facilitator spots and observes delving into uncharted territory for all; writer; actor; facilitator. Excellent guiding hand in Gaye – she explained that with constellations work you immediately plumb the depths because you are merely intuiting – your heart is unconcerned with ego – it is concerned only with receiving and expressing. Relating and relaying. One is reporting… there is a sense of lightness and curiosity because it is not personal to ones own life yet powerfully intensive in the very unique feelings response it awakens within us all in different moments.