Thank you for such a deeply moving and enlightening day.  It felt an honour and a blessing to represent in so many constellations.  The magnetic pull to be present on that day was profound, and equally so was all that was revealed in the moment and which continues to unfold.  After spending so many years dreaming about skipping off home, the desire to live, to share, to serve, to be all I can be whilst inhabiting this body has taken over.  ‘Lone wolf’ is feeling hope and even anticipation at returning to the tribe! Thank you for your being Gaye.  I love Constallations. I love the deep honesty and raw beauty of this work.  How amazing it is to share such intimate moments with people who are so willing to strip away layers which block the free flow of love…. people one often only meets once in a life time.  I find this really moving. Thank you for making it happen.  You are an inspiration. I am sure I will be back 🙂