I know I said my thanks on Wednesday, but having had some time over the weekend to reflect on the work we did, I am more fully appreciating the enormity of what you held for me and for us all and have been feeling a need to connect and acknowledge you more deeply for offering yourself with such grace and commitment in service of our personal work and healing. I feel the work we did on Wednesday was massively important on so many levels. Whilst it moved me to a place of deeply knowing that all is as it should be just now as part of a bigger picture that I may never understand in this lifetime, it feels healthy to now hold a vibration of gratitude rather than judgement for my brother’s life choices .. my hope is that this will harmonise the balance of energy between us and give him more freedom in whatever he is working through. Every time we gather I witness your ability to be so completely present in meeting each one of us fully with whatever we bring, and it reminds me always of the beautiful practice of silently sitting with someone and internally expressing the words “I meet the Divine within you”. The beautiful and loving space you hold for us is truly born of the Divine in you, and for that space and for connecting with you in this lifetime I am eternally grateful.
No reply needed .. I simply needed to connect and say thank you once again dear Gaye.