‘I love you… but…!’

Solution-focused couples sessions of an hour and half or two hours are available for those who would like to explore tender or troublesome issues in their relationship.

The unique ‘lens’ that systemic constellation work brings to a situation can be enormously supportive and illuminating for many couples. Looking at the relationship within the context of our life and wider familial and ancestral patterns can reveal the place where our blind or unconscious loyalty to our family of origin is perhaps creating difficulties with the partner we love.

Systemic constellation work with couples looks at what both partners bring with them from their respective families and places of belonging (which may include social, cultural or religious identities over many generations) in order to support the couple now.

All couple issues can be addressed through this work – the places where things have got stuck – where should change happen? Is it your fault or mine? Are we willing to change, or shall I wait for you to go first? As well as other specific issues such as intimacy, children or separation.